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Nervi is a pleasant locality, quarter of the city of Genoa, famous for the naturalistic beauties and the mildness of the climate. It has a small touristic port and a long reef on which it has been constructed the long seaside promenade entitled to Anita Garibaldi. The city offers splendid panoramic views: it is possible to leave from the historical center of the port and, walking along the promenade, to reach the parks. In fact, inserted in the city context, there are three parks known as Parchi di Nervi. Along the promenade Anita Garibaldi there is the Gropallo tower, famous also as "torre del fieno" ( tower of the hay ), because of the wet hay that was burnt on the top of the tower in order to produce smoke and to warn about dangers. The construction of the tower is dated to the 16th century, but in the years it has been modified and restored many times. The promenade has various accesses to the reef, that during the summer is full of people bathing in the sea or fishing.


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