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Small hamlet of the town of Vernazza, Corniglia differs from the other towns of Cinque Terre as is the only village that does not goes directly on the sea, but is situated on the top of a high cape, surrounded by vineyards. In order to reach the village you must go up on the "Lardarina" , a long stairway constituted by 377 steps; there is also a road that from the railroad leads to the town.

The fact to be in that position makes Corniglia uncomfortable for those who want to go to the beach, but it offers spectacular and unique panoramas, that widely compensate this uncomfortableness.

From the main Piazza of the town, Largo Taragio, many promenades start: behind the church, after a long and steep stairway, you reach the Tower, the only remained ruin of the sixteenth century fortifications; on the top of the tower it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view on the sea and the coast towards Manarola. Another breathtaking view on the whole coast of Cinque Terre is from the terrace Santa Maria. A stairway leads then to a little and charming gulf, called Marina di Corniglia.


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