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The small town of Bonassola is situated on the beach, in a small plain, before the slopes of the mountains of Appennines.
Bonassola is famous for having a extremely healthy climate: far from cities and factories, near the sea and surrounded by pine woods, the town enjoys a clean air that is good to cure respiratory diseases.

Among the ancient monuments of the towmn there are the Castle and the Tower of the Ardoino, dated to the 16th century, and the parish church of Santa Caterina (17th century). But it is above all the nature that attracts the tourists in this corner of Liguria: the limpid sea, the beach, closed by two cliffs coverde by Mediterranean bushes, the possibility to practice sport.

In the town of Bonassola there is also the coastal area called La Francesca, that probably takes the name from the "via Francesca" or "Francigena" . The creek, exposed to south and repaired from the winds, has an enviable microclimate and a flora and a fauna of high naturalistic interest.


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