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Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria was born in Oneglia in 1466; he was an admiral and statesman, during the times of the Republic of Genoa.

In 1503 he obtained the command of the Genoa troops that were fighting againts rebels in Corsica. After a long campaign, he succeeded to defeat the rioters. The episode of the Briglia was important to consacrate the commander: Genoa was controlled by the French, who had in the city a garrison, the Briglia, a fortress on the port, that Doria, commander of the port and the fleet, freed from the French.
So he became a real sailor: he began to patrol the Mediterranean against the pirates, became moreover governor of Genoa, commander of the fleet of the Papal State, France and also of Carl V... He had a dense life, and today a is considered almost a "Father of his Country" by The people in Genoa. Andrea Doria died in 1560; the legend says he has written his testament in Genoa dialect.

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